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DTX token sale contract and supply update

By vincentbultot | Jan 10, 2019

Here’s an update from our CTO Roderik van der Veer about the DTX token.

Today, we have (finally) been able to finalize the DTX sale contract and we requested a supply update. The total supply now matches the max supply of 225 million tokens.

Etherscan is the leading BlockExplorer for the Ethereum Blockchain, basically a search engine that allows users to easily lookup, confirm and validate transactions that have taken place on the Ethereum Blockchain, will confirm what we are writing here:

Addresses of note to calculate the circulating supply

BountyVault at

This contract holds tokens earned in the bounty campaign that has to be withdrawn by the bounty hunters. The balance of this address is not in circulation.

MultiSigWallet at

This is the team/platform/projects wallet. The tokens in this wallet are not for use but they can be used if we have a need to.

TokenSale at
This is the tokensale contract and it holds locked tokens with vesting periods. Most notably it holds 30% of the max supply for 3 years from today, so until Jan 9 2022. These tokens should not be part of the circulating supply.

According to our CTO Roderik van der Veer calculations of a few hours ago (meanwhile a batch of tokens have been vested) the following calculation should be made:

Circulating supply = Max/Total Supply — TokenSale Balance — MultiSigWallet Balance — BountyVault Balance

225000000 DTX 
– 83238305.5002181491
– 71474415.923909406888426869
– 534743.504624205999999867
= 69,752,535.0712482 DTX

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