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New partners add security, crowd-sensing and consulting to the DataBroker DAO Alliance

By vincentbultot | Aug 7, 2018

As we are gradually onboarding existing alliance members, preparing for our sensor data marketplace to go live later this Summer, the DataBroker DAO Alliance is constantly being expanded with new members. We are delighted to welcome three more.

Rivetz is an industry leader in embedded, blockchain-based mobile security solutions. Their blockchain technology and their access to the existing hardware security capabilities built into millions of devices ensure the safety of digital assets and transactions. With Authenticator they provide intuitive authentication in the trusted environment of a simple app, protecting users against phishing attacks, fraud, and identity theft. Whereas their Developer Toolkit will deliver your service in a simple way, securing your users’ experience without the need for passwords, pin numbers, and 64-character private keys.

“We are happy to know they are on DataBroker DAO, and that they will be part of the synergy within our Alliance members by adding trust within the marketplace”, says Matthew Van Niekerk, co-founder and CEO of DataBroker DAO. “Rivetz provides the cybersecurity for the users and devices of the IoT ecosystem.”

SenLab, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is focused on delivering cutting-edge mobile enterprise solutions (for eHealth, AAl, sports, safety, Industry 4.0, education, research, …) which present a compelling mobile alternative to bulky and expensive monitoring and sensor solutions.

Their multiple award-winning IoTool is an always-available smartphone IoT dashboard, gateway, cloud, and API for prototyping, testing, and piloting. And they are very active in the field of crowd-sensing, involving a large, spread out group of participants who use mobile devices with the aim of receiving reliable data from the field. An approach that has already proven very successful in traffic and road monitoring, urban mobility, smart cities, social networking, healthcare, safety, and environmental monitoring.

And finally, Eurocon is a privately held company located in Ljubljana, Slovenia as well. It’s a project management and consulting businessspecialized in managing technology and business clusters, innovation centers, international pilot projects in emerging markets and advanced digital programs.

It has been running an IoT community and related ‘Living bits and things’ annual event since 2011, serving as a networking platform for digital technologies and as a connector for multiple industries, like smart cities, Industry 4.0, logistics and supply chain, healthcare, and well-being.

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